Founded on March 2009, Telconomics is an independent consultancy fully privately owned, focussed on developement, management and optimization of telecommunication networks and services based on technology and innovation.

The company is grounded on its extensive intellectual capital expert in telecommunications technology in-housed by the long and deep expertise in the telecommunication sector of its partners and employees along with a proven entreprenurial and innovative character  of its founders.

Mission and Vision

Telconomics operates under the belief that the technologies telecommunications networks and services are based on should make possible ubiquitous, reliable and affordable access and sharing of information for the entire population, thus enabling and improving personal, business and social developement.

Telconomics aims to become a trusted advisor in the telecommunications arena to add value out of technology and innovatoin, easing strategic leading and decission making to operators, suppliers and other players in the sector.


Telconomics is a company commited with the Information Society developement which contribution is based on the knowledge of technology and the ability to innovate. Telconomics´ value proposition to players in the telecommunications arena is grounded on the following points:

  • Competence
  • Independency
  • Commitment
  • Methodology


Telconomics holds collaboration agreements with a number of equipment and services suppliers, integrators, developers and experienced professionals in specific areas of technology, project mangement and innovation.

It allows offering to its customers not only the expert analysis on what can be done to develop and/or optimize thier business, network or services but also deliver alternatives to neccesary investments, implementation and management of the best fitting solutions.