Welcome to Telconomics

TELCONOMICS is an independent consultancy expert in the technologies telecommunications networks and their supported end user services are based on. Telconomics´ value proposition is based on its capability to innovate and create operation models and tools favouring developement of the Information Society, optimizing operators processes and end user services quality.

TELCONOMICS develops the following activities for its customers:

  • Strategic consultancy services aimed to evaluate technically and economically businesses of telecommunications network operations made possible by available technologies and innovation.
  • Technological services aimed to analize, manage and optimize telecommunications operators networks performance.
  • Developement and implementation of tools and methodologies aimed to measure empirically and statistically operators networks performance, easing their management and supervision and feeding operative and business processes.
  • Identification, selection and validation of available technologies able to be used alternatively or complementarily to telecommunications operators networks. 
  • Technological innovation projects.


bringing technology and innovation into telecommunications

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